Youngsters bring a whole new set of considerations into the home selling and buying process. There is a direct connection between your postcode and your children’s education. Considerations will include how your children will travel to and back from school each day and it will be important to bear in mind the school catchment area when looking at property. 

Schools within the Surrey area have a huge impact on the property market as we see a lot of families moving either locally or from out of areas to be close to the fantastic schools we have to offer. From state schools, schools for children with additional needs, academies, private schools and International schools, we have provided a link below for a directory of information about all Surrey schools and their latest Ofsted results together with a link to the school’s website – we hope you find this useful. 

Sally & Nicole have lived and breathed the local area for many years now and as a result have a wealth of knowledge about the local schools, tips on education facilities, school catchment areas and school bus routes!

Our top tips for families considering schools –

Do your research! 

Prior to starting your property search, research the catchment area and think long term – so whether the primary/junior schools are a feeder school to a good secondary school. 

Reflect on the journey to and from school, so will you drive them/will they get a bus or can they walk?

The neighbourhood – everyone needs great neighbours so are there any other children of similar school age with a community feel to the location?

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