modular homes

Offering a bespoke or standard build, customised to our clients’ requirements, the possibilities of our modular home offering are endless.

Start to end – finished construction, in under 12 weeks.

Sustainable and increased energy efficiency.

Ability to create large scale developments in a short period of time.

Our Money Making Home’s feature the latest in technologies, including Sky Glass TV’s throughout and showcase the top household products that emit the least amount of energy needed for your daily needs. The house will also introduce you to many long term solutions that will not only help save money, but actually make money from your home by the introduction of a ground source heat pump, solar panels and a wind turbine. 

The home offers luxury at an affordable price and will help provide never-ending ideas on making the most cost effective decisions for you and your family, not just for now but also for your future.

Changing the way we live.