Easter Sunday

With Easter Sunday just around the corner, what will you be up to? Let us know in the comments..

mint families have an Easter Sunday packed full of mint fun!!! We will be creating Easter egg hunts to include Lindt Lindor Milk Mint Chocolate Easter Eggs, Cadburys Peppermint Chocolate Easter Eggs, Thorntons Dark Chocolate Mint Easter Eggs, Mint Freckled Easter Egg, After Eight Premium Easter Egg Mint Chocolate Selection ..

After all this sweet fun, the homemade mint sauce will be served with the Roast Lamb for lunch, plenty of veggies to make up for the chocolate! Followed by a light mint mousse and a couple of after dinner mints..

Definitely then time for a stroll along the river with the office dogs, Windsor & Marlow. We may not reach Winsdor & Marlow.. but we will give it a good go!!

Coming back to the garden to have plenty of catch up time with friends and family making plenty of precious mint memories.. and not forgetting a baking session with the children to make Easter Chocolate Nests with a sprinkling of mint and a cuppa mint tea..

Shall we inspire you with our mint suggestions .. for an after dinner chocolate mint, why not try Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Mint Flutes

A further selection of Mint Chocolates are Mint Aero . After Eights . Lindt Mint Intense . Cadburys Crispy Mint Crème . Cadburys Mint Milk Chocolate Buttons . Cadburys Dairy Milk Mint Fingers . Mint & Dark Chocolate Kit-Kat Duos . Lindt Lindor Mint

Or if a hot chocolate is more your thing.. why not try the Options Belgian Choc Mint Sachet – only 38 calories a cup!

mint homes opening hours during the Easter bank holiday weekend –

Thursday 9am – 6pm

Friday – Closed

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday – Closed

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – normal hours..

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